14 June 2018, 18:39


LPR authorities award state decorations to the Republic’s best journalists (PHOTOS)

LUGANSK, June 14 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Lugansk People’s Republic authorities congratulated the journalists on their professional holiday and awarded state decorations and letters of commendations to the best of them at a ceremony at the Lugansk Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre.

Olga Bas, chief of staff of acting LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik read an address to the participants on his behalf.

“Journalists are a special group of people with a character of steel and indestructible values. You’re making a special contribution to the Republic’s history, preserving the truth for future generation about the hard way our country is going towards freedom and independence,” the statement said.

“Your word is a knife edge, your publications are a blow to the enemy, your photos published together with articles in newspapers deliver the truth, which is most important, and truth is always feared,” Bas said.

The LPR leader’s chief of staff thanked the journalists for their efforts and awarded the medals For Service, 2nd Class, to Lugansk Media Centre correspondent Gleb Bobrov and deputy director general of the LPR’s state-owned television and radio company Leonard Svidovskiy. The medals For Devotion to Duty were given to GTRK personnel and executives and LPR first deputy telecom and mass communications minister Yuri Pershikov.

A number of journalists received letters of commendations signed by Pasechnik.

“In the turbulent war years, our profession became military; not everybody withstood the test, but those who really love their homeland stayed back and put up a fight; they are true patriots and professionals,” said deputy chairman of the LPR parliament committee on international relations, telecom, information policy and mass communications Yuriy Yurov.

Yurov handed in the parliament’s letters of commendations to journalists.

“You represent one of the most peaceful and humane professions but we live in a very difficult war time. You are often in the enemy crosshairs  but you have not betrayed your cause, your profession,” said LPR Council of Ministers acting deputy chairwoman Natalia Tikhonskaya as she was commending journalists.

“Both the military command, and I believe that you’re fighters, too, but you fight in media space. We all know about the terabytes of mendacious Ukrainian propaganda trying to twist the Donbass events, but only thanks to you who stayed here and keep working, people outside the Republic and our residents see the truth,” LPR People’s Militia’s spokesman Andrey Marochko said.

He handed in the badge From Grateful Lugansk People to acting LPR Telecom and Mass Communications Minister Oleg Fetisov and his first deputy Pershikov, GTRK director general Sergey Kolesnikov and his deputy Alexander Nekhlopochin, Lugansk Media Centre editor-in-chief Sergey Meshkovoy and his colleagues, Russian journalists and LPR defence agency press service staff.

“Performing your professional duty, you change the world outlook, people’s opinion, being on the frontline, in trenches on the cusp of the information war, but most importantly, you’re recording the history of our young Republic,” Fetisov said.

The Telecom and Mass Communications minister thanked LPR journalists for their professionalism, commitment to principles, confidence and courage and handed in letters of commendations to the best of them.

The LPR established Day of Journalist on June 14, 2016 and has marked it every year since.

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