3 July 2019, 13:27


Krasnyi Luch firefighters rescue calf from 3-meter-deep well in 30 minutes

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LUGANSK, July 3 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Krasnyi Luch firefighters rescued a calf from an abandoned tree-meter-deep well in half an hour.

"A resident of Vakhrushevo called Krasnyi Luch rescue service at 4.22 p.m. on July 1," the Ministry of Emergencies said in its daily report.

The man was herding his cattle when he realized that one of the calfs was missing. It took him half a day to find the small bovine down in an abandoned well.

The well located outside any property was not covered and was almost invisible, as first responders detailed later.

The recue team No. 14 arrived to discover the calf three meters down the well; one of the firefighters was lowered down on a rope, secured the animal with fire hoses and was lifted by his colleagues assisted by locals.

"Everyone was safe, the operation took 30 minutes," the report reads.

LPR Emergencies Ministry teams are routinely called to save stranded animals.

In June 2019, Pervomaisk rescuers pulled two cows from an abandoned house cellar in the frontline village of Kalinovo-Borschevatoye.

In May 2019, LPR first responders used a smartphone to save a cat who remained stuck in the air shaft of a 12-storey building for THREE weeks.

In March 2019, Pervomaisk rescuers spent four hours to pull from a cow from the cellar of a summer kitchen.

In May 2018, rescuers of the Uspenka township, Lutugino district, lifted a 500-kilogramme cow from an abandoned 5-metre deep well.

In a three-hour operation in April, rescuers in Antratsit saved a 400-kilogramme cow which had fallen into a well.

In September 2017, Rovenki rescuers pulled out a goat from a three-metre deep concrete pit. It fell there as it was chased by a dog. In the village of Yelino, a cow heavy with a calf was pulled out of a 10-metre deep well in a nine-hour rescue effort.

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