27 February 2019, 16:11


Kobtseva: Humanitarian group talks last 15 min, Kiev reps leave the room

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LUGANSK, February 27 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Kiev representatives at the Minsk talks have left the negotiations on spurious grounds derailing the talks again, said LPR representative in the Contact Group humanitarian subgroup Olga Kobtseva.

She said that Kiev's authorized representatives in the humanitarian working group Viktor Medvedchuk and Irina Geraschenko were absent, while only experts Yuriy Kachanov and Sergey Zagorodniy were present. They had "no intention to engage in a dialog from the start, and contributed to derailing the meeting that lasted no longer than 15 minutes".

"The agenda was approved, but Ukrainian delegation had no intention to work and left the meeting on spurious grounds. The group had no chance even to begin discussing issues."

Kobtseva dismissed Geraschenko's Facebook post. "It is lies. The group's meeting lasted 15 minutes and not a single issue was discussed, as Kiev's representatives left the room."

LuganskMediaCentre — 27 February — Lugansk