8 August 2017, 13:57


Kiev’s position doesn’t envision Stanitsa Luganskaya bridge - Deinego

Ukraine showed its vision of the Stanitsa Luganskaya bridge by blowing up twice in 2015, LPR envoy to Minsk talks Vladislav Deinego told Lugansk Media Centre.

Deinego was commenting on the remarks OSCE SMM Principal Deputy Chief Monitor Alexander Hug made at a briefing in Lugansk that Kiev and LPR should agree on Stanitsa Luganskaya bridge restoration on their own.

“We are well aware of their (Kiev’s) approaches; the first attempt (to blow up the bridge) occurred in January; the second was in March when the bridge was blown up,” he said. “One of the bridge sections sustained damage as a car moving in our direction from Ukrainian side exploded.”

This is Ukraine’s position, i.e. the bridge is not needed. “If we do Ukraine’s bidding and wait till it eventually presents its vision on bridge restoration, I believe, this vision will be unilateral, seeking to fully ruin it,” the envoy said.

As before, LPR insists on soonest bridge repairs in accordance with the International Committee of the Red Cross plan. Deinego believes that Hug “softly evaded the real situation.”

“He (Hug) says that the parties should come to terms; does it mean that the Red Cross should keep away from this?” the envoy said.

The Red Cross insists on acceptable conditions for the people crossing the contact line in this area.  “While, we have agreed to the ICRC project (to restore the bridge), Ukraine has been delaying the process in all ways, making evasive moves and spouting rhetoric on alternative Stanitsa Luganskaya bridge options."

Earlier, Deinego repeatedly stated that LPR was ready to restore the Stanitsa Luganskaya bridge and that it was awaiting Ukraine’s “goodwill” in the issue.

Currently there is only one official checkpoint at the line of contact in LPR area of responsibility in Donbass and it is accessible via the bridge across the Severskiy Donets in vicinity of Stanitsa Luganskaya. Only pedestrian traffic here is possible thanks to temporary conduit, as the bridge was blown up by Ukrainian forces in early 2015.

LuganskMediaCentre — 08 August — Lugansk