17 February 2017, 14:53


Kiev should let LPR/DPR observers inspect critical Donbass industry facilities – leaders’ statement

LPR and DPR Heads Igor Plotnitskiy and Alexander Zakharchenko expressed concern over the condition of industrial infrastructure facilities located in Kiev-controlled part of Donbass, and demanded that Kiev let the Republics’ observers carry out inspections there.

“We insist on inspection by DPR and LPR Emergencies Ministries and our humanitarian organisations of water pumping systems at operating and non-operating mines, Popasnaya water utility, Lisichyansk refinery, Zarya (Rubezhnoye) and Azot (Severodonetsk) companies, Voda Donbassa water company, water treatment plants, chlorine storages, Avdeyevka coking plant, Konstantinovka state-owned chemical plant and Dzerzhinsk phenol plant,” the two leaders said in a joint statement.

“We demand an opportunity to monitor utility infrastructure (power- , water- and gas-supply facilities) in Kiev-controlled part of Donbass, which, if damaged, might create problems for DNR and LPR residents,” they said.

In this connection, LPR and DPR leaders insist on unhindered access to Kiev-controlled territory in Donetsk and Lugansk regions for “DPR and LPR humanitarian organisations, as well as for international organisations we have recommended.”

LuganskMediaCentre — 17 February — Lugansk