20 January 2020, 18:34


Kiev realises the border control handover comes after local elections - Deinego

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LUGANSK, January 20 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Kiev realizes that the control over the Donbass-Russia border can be handed over to Ukraine only after the local elections in Donbass, as it is stipulated in the Minsk Agreements, said LPR Foreign Minister representing the Republic at Minsk talks Vladislav Deinego.

"If Ukraine thinks the elections are not happening before the issue of the border is settled, then the elections are not happening at all. I think the Ukrainian side knows those reference points they themselves are trying to form."

"Kiev raised the issue (of establishing an additional working group on the border control issues) several times, in 2015 after the Package of Measures was adopted. It clearly says there are four groups and defines their responsibilities. Nevertheless, Kiev began manipulating over this additional group from the beginning.

"The issue of border control is possible within the Package of Measures, but it can be discussed only on the next day after the local elections take place.

"By this time the special status of Donbass must be materialized in the Ukrainian law.

"Statements that the elections are impossible without the border control handover are a direct contradiction to the Package of Measures," Deinego said.

LuganskMediaCentre — 20 January — Lugansk