18 December 2016, 19:35


Kiev lost 10 killed, 20 wounded in Debaltsevo attack, 2 LPR militiamen wounded, 2 missing

A heavy fighting erupted today in vicinity of Debaltsevo as Ukrainian armed forces attacked LPR positions in Kalinovka village area, the fighting is ongoing and has already left 10 Ukrainian soldiers killed, 20 wounded, 2 LPR militiamen wounded and two unaccounted for.  

"On December 18, at 1 p.m. the enemy attempted to break through LPR defense in Kalinovka village area from Luganskoye township direction. They intensified the shelling trying to provoke aggression. A reconnaissance group advanced supported by artillery fire. Thanks to coordinated actions of LPR militia and thanks to commanders' competence LPR People's Militia managed to stop the enemy advance and make them retreat," the LPR militia press service said.

"According to intelligence reports, Ukrainian armed forces commanders were drunk."

A heavy fighting is still ongoing in the area.

LuganskMediaCentre — 18 December — Lugansk