25 December 2020, 16:49


Kiev forces violate ceasefire 253 times in 2020

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LUGANSK, December 25 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Ukrainian forces violated ceasefire more than 250 times in 2020, said People’s Militia chief of staff Colonel Yan Leschenko.

"In 2020, 253 ceasefire violations were recorded, more than 2,000 rounds were fired, including 84 artillery rounds and 1,082 mortar rounds," he said.

Since the beginning of the year, 157 houses and infrastructure objects were damaged.

Two civilians were killed, 25 wounded including one child.

The Contact Group agreed the tighter ceasefire control measures in Donbass starting at 00:01, July 27 at the July 22 videoconference. The Additional Measures to Strengthen the Ceasefire include: ban on offensive or reconnaissance operations, ban on using any aerial vehicles, ban on fire, including sniper fire; ban on deployment of heavy weapons to populated areas and adjacent territories, first of all, to civilian infrastructure, including schools, kindergartens, hospitals and public premises;    effective implementation of disciplinary measures against violators of the ceasefire and notification the Contact Group Coordinator thereof, who further notifies all its participants;  establishing and employing a coordination mechanism for reacting to ceasefire violations with assistance of the JCCC with its current membership; retaliatory fire in case of an offensive is allowed only in case it is opened on the order of appropriate command of the Ukrainian armed forces or LPR, DPR People's Militia after unsuccessful attempt to employ the above mentioned mechanism. The Contact Group shall be notified of such orders.

LuganskMediaCentre — 25 December — Lugansk