3 June 2020, 15:23


Kiev forces shell UN humanitarian mission in Zolotoye

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LUGANSK, June 3 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Ukrainian armed forces opened fire on the UN humanitarian mission that arrived in Zolotoye to document human rights violations by Kiev forces, said LPR People's Militia press officer Yakov Osadchiy.

Zolotoye residents filed a complaint with the UN informing of Ukrainian troops looting of empty houses and placing military equipment in residential areas. The UN humanitarian mission has sent in its monitors.

"To prevent the mission from documenting crimes, the 30th battalion 1st brigade commander Kibalnikov ordered inflammatory fire. Two rounds of a GP-25 under barrel grenade launcher were fired in close proximity of the international mission to disrupt their work," Osadchiy said.

The mission left the area and informed the SBU on the incident. After that, the special service ordered an investigation within the Sever (North) operative and tactical group.

"A team of HQ officers arrived to the 30th battalion 1st brigade responsibility zone, and reports the usage of firearms directly to the brigade commander Ivan Garaz."

 According to information available to LPR People's Militia, Garaz escaped disciplinary action as the UN report covering the period from November 16, 2019 to February 15, 2020 says Kiev forces are looting residential areas and place military equipment in private territories, execute violence and engage in criminal activity. Hence, it's advantageous for the HQ if the mission ceases operation in the JFO zone.

LuganskMediaCentre — 03 June — Lugansk