18 December 2020, 15:43



Kiev falsifies report on the death of intoxicated service member

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LUGANSK, December 18 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Ukrainian representatives in the Contact Group have falsified their report on a service member who dies of drug overdose, the LPR People’s Militia said.

LPR handed over the overdose victim body to Ukraine on December 17. The service member was identified as a member of the Ukrainian 14th brigade Nikolay Tarasuyk.

The initial statement published in the Ukrainian delegation Telegram-channel stated that the service member defected to the enemy unarmed and died of alcohol or drug intoxication. Shortly after, the post was edited and currently says that “the serviceman found himself on the  LPR territory under unknown circumstances”.

The People’s Militia said that such actions are yet another proof of that the 14th brigade command is responsible for the death of the service member.

Lugansk People’s Republic representatives passed the body of 14th brigade serviceman Nikolay Tarasyuk, who had died of overdose, to Ukraine on Thursday.

The incident occurred in the Ukrainian army’s 14th brigade, after volunteers delivered alcohol and drugs disguised as gifts. LPR defenders detained an unidentified man who was walking from 14th brigade positions unarmed and was obviously under influence. The detainee was handed over to medics as his condition visibly deteriorated. An examination found high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and heavy intoxication. He soon died of cardiac failure despite medics' attempts to save him.

LuganskMediaCentre — 18 December — Lugansk