23 August 2018, 16:55


Kiev creates fake accounts of senior LPR officials to misinform Republic’s residents - MGB

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LUGANSK, August 23 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Ukrainian secret services are creating fake social media accounts of senior Lugansk People’s Republic officials to rock the socio-economic and political situation in the LPR, the Republic’s State Security Ministry (MGB) press service said.

“Ukraine has stepped up the campaign to smear LPR authorities and foment protests,” it said.” The Security Service of Ukraine opened fake social media groups of LPR state organisations urging residents to rally against the incumbent authorities. On top of that, it created fake accounts of senior LPR officials to disseminate misinformation on their behalf.”

The MGB noted that “Ukrainian secret services had launched an all-out cyber war to unsettle the socio-economic and political situation in the Donbass Republics. To this end, Ukrainian secret service cyber criminals actively use fake news on social media.”

At present, the Republic’s law-enforcement bodies are establishing the identity of the persons involved in illegal social media activity.

The LPR State Security Ministry urges the residents to use reliable sources and verify the information obtained on the Internet.

Earlier, the MGB called upon residents to report the fakes disseminated by Ukrainian secret services.

LuganskMediaCentre — 23 August — Lugansk