26 November 2018, 16:58



Kerch Strait clash premediated by Poroshenko to avoid election - LPR Foreign Ministry

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LUGANSK, November 26 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Kiev has staged the Kerch Strait provocation to cancel presidential election that is most likely to bring defeat to the current president Petr Poroshenko, said LPR acting Foreign Minister representing the Republic at Minsk talks Vladislav Deinego.

Three Ukrainian navy vessels triggered a sharp escalation in tensions in the Kerch Strait on Sunday as they illegally entered Russian territorial waters in an apparently premediated attempt to break through Russian border control between the Black and Azov Seas. The three ships were dangerously maneuvering in a busy strait ignoring legitimate demands to stop issued by vessels belonging to the FSB Border Service and the Black Sea Fleet; Russian forces had to use force to halt the provocation, slightly injuring three Ukrainian marines who later received medical attention. Vessels were arrested.

President Petr Poroshenko has submitted decree on martial law, which parliament is set to debate starting at 5 p.m. (4 p.m. GMT). The decree calls for a partial military mobilization, air defense of major government sites, industrial areas and troops, and heightened border security. One clause is marked secret and its details won’t be released to the public.

"This move was aimed at triggering a situation to allow declaration of Martial law. Apparently Poroshenko is trying to avoid election he is poised to lose," Deinego said.

He added that martial law would make timely election impossible, giving Poroshenko time to escalate the situation and dictate his will.

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