7 August 2019, 16:17


It is necessary to provide safe passage through Stanitsa crossing point - Pasechnik

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LUGANSK, August 7 (Lugansk Media Centre) – LPR believes it is necessary to set up a safe passage through the Stanitsa Luganskaya checkpoint, the LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik said during his live Q&A.

More than 2.3 thousand Ukrainians have sent their questions to the LPR Head who is holding a live Q&A broadcasted by the GTRK LNR state TV company on Wednesday.

"The bridge construction is extremely important for us as LPR leadership," he said.

"We have been in negotiations over its construction for over two years within the framework of the Minsk talks. Finally we have reached an agreement that Ukraine shall restore the part it has itself ruined, we are doing all other repairs cosmetic repairs."

"The problem is that Ukraine claims the bridge is their military victory and they are building the bridge worth 60 mln euros. Excuse me, but there is more to be done with this money. You can build the bridge, roads, repair school roofs, install windows in kindergartens, reduce tariffs," he suggested.

"If Ukraine abandons reconstruction plans for some reason we shall keep negotiating that we build the bridge. Anyway, the talks are to be held, we shall not adopt unilateral decisions. Everything should be agreed. But we are ready to do everything for the comfort of people."

Pasechnik held his first "Direct Line" in March 2019; more than 1,400 thousand people from 23 Ukrainian cities and towns sent their questions then.

LuganskMediaCentre — 07 August — Lugansk