21 February 2019, 12:51



Intl organisations recognize fact of LPR, DPR existence - Deinego

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LUGANSK, February 21 - DAN. International organisations, including the United Nations and the OSCE, have already recognised the fact of the Donetsk Republics’ existence, said Lugansk People's Republic envoy to the Minsk talks Vladislav Deinego.

Speaking at an international workshop and a visiting session of the Livadia Club “Donbass in the centre of geopolitical transformation,” in Lugansk, he said that the Lugansk People’s Republic and the Donetsk People’s Republic have been actively seeking international recognition since they were founded.

“What is happening in reality? International organisations are present here. In fact, they operate in the territory of a non-recognised state,” Deinego said. “So, do we exist or do we not? In reality, they (international organisations) are here (in the LPR and the DPR) and they work with us while closing their eyes and saying that there aren’t any unrecognised states.”

“Their reports put “the Lugansk People’s Republic” in quotes and say that it is self-proclaimed, yet the fact of our existence is fixed in UN reports. The United Nations says we’re an unrecognised actor, but one that really exists,” the LPR representative said.

Deinego, who is LPR Foreign Minister said that the LPR and the DPR had been successfully building relations with many international organisations and countries without the “recognition factor.”

“We have to use all available options to interact with these organisations, all possible ways to be present in the international arena in order to prove that we exist,” Deinego said.

The Livadia Club was set up in the Crimea in early December 2018 as an informal association to promote the idea of the Russian World.

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