26 September 2019, 17:07


Integration increasingly strengthens LPR-Russia unity - deputy

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LUGANSK, September 26 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Integration processes gain momentum strengthening the unity of the Lugansk People’s Republic and the Russian Federation, LPR parliament deputy speaker Dmitry Khoroshilov told the Lugansk Media Centre.

“As soon as Ukraine began to lead a free independent life, nationalistic sentiment inside the country took root to evolve into a heavy form of Nazism, which eventually led to the Donbass war,” Khoroshilov said.

“The government that kills its own people for their refusal to live by alien fascist laws is a Nazi government. A radical Ukraine which is making all efforts to destroy us is no longer our country. We’re no longer part of the Ukrainian world ruled by killers and thieves, in which banderavites are glorified and Russians are enemies,” he added.

The first deputy parliament speaker reminded that the Donbass Republics residents “chose their own way, independent from Ukraine.”

“Our goal is a free powerful Republic ruled by its people. It is our people who decide which way to go, which language to speak and with whom to cooperate. Russia has always been and will be our best friend and partner,” Khoroshilov said.

“The integration processes which are gaining momentum in the Lugansk People’s Republic increasingly strengthen our good neighbourly relations. We are a Russian people. This is a premise underlying our way to Russia,” he said


LuganskMediaCentre — 26 September — Lugansk