16 August 2018, 14:50


Heifer imports from Russia to boost LPR cattle breeding - Pasechnik (PHOTOS)

LUGANSK, August 16  (Lugansk Media Centre) - A large batch of heifers imported from the Russian Federation will facilitate cattle restocking in the Lugansk People’s Republic, LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik said during his visit to the agribusiness Kolos run by the Lugansk National Agrarian University (LNAU).

LPR Agriculture and Food Minister Yuriy Pronko and LNAU rector Valentina Tkachenko showed the imported cattle to Pasechnik and briefed him on Kolos operation.

The LPR leader noted the importance of restocking as the Republic’s livestock had decreased dramatically both in the pre-war period and during the conflict, compared with the Soviet era.

“It is the first government procurement of cattle in the LPR history. Of course, our objective is to increase the livestock,” he said.

The Lugansk region had 190,000 cattle before the breakup of the USSR; the livestock decreased ten-fold before the Donbass conflict. At present, the LPR only has 3,000 cattle.

“The situation must be rectified. As we restock we should also increase food quality. I’m happy with today’s inspection; we’ll continue to move along this track,” Pasechnik said.

“It’s just a beginning, but it’s a good beginning, it’s a breeding stock with good milk yields,” he added.

The LPR agriculture minister said that the red and white breed of the cattle yielded some 5,500 litres of milk a year. The breed is adapted to the Lugansk region’s climate.

Earlier, the LPR funded the purchase of 150 heifers in Russia to develop dairy cattle production at the Kolos agribusiness.

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