26 December 2019, 16:03


Golubovskoye residents lodge damages claims against Ukraine at ECHR

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LUGANSK, December 26 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Residents of the frontline Golubovskoye settlement whose houses were damaged by Ukrainian army strikes in 2014-2019, have lodged damages claims against Ukraine at the European Court of Human Rights, tenants of damaged houses Yulia Yerunova and Tatyana Adamovich told the Lugansk Media Centre.

The Republic's public commission for assessing the economic damage caused to the Donbass population by Ukraine helped Molodyozhnaya Street residents draw the damages claims and lodge them with the international judicial body.

The overall damage caused to Donetskiy property exceeds 13 million rubles with plaintiffs demanding an additional compensation totalling at least 15 million rubles.

Local residents’ houses were shelled with various weapons including heavy artillery with a calibre of over 120mm in the period from 2014 to 2019. Direct hits fully destroyed houses and movables or wrecked load-bearing structures, windows, doors and the interior.

“We demand that the European court consider our claims, look into the situation and pass a just decision. Every line of these claims is about ruined human lives; stop covering up for Ukraine for the sake of politicking.  We have a fact of crime and recorded proof, so it’s up to the court to pass a just ruling,” Golubovskoye activist Yerunova said.

“Our street and the whole settlement bear the evidence of the Ukrainian military’s crimes. We demand a compensation for the damage caused to us. We want to live on our land and rebuild our houses.  And let the court order them pay for our suffering,  woes and psychological and moral damage they caused to us over these years,” Adamovich added.

Earlier this year, residents of the Golubovskoye and Donetskiy settlements and the town of Pervomaisk sued Ukraine at the ECHR over damage to their property caused in 2014-2019.

 Thanks to the legal assistance provided by LPR Prosecutor General’s Office,  LPR residents had lodged more than 300 complaints with the ECHR as of July 2018. As of February, 2019, the LPR PGO recognised more than 3,000 residents as victims of Ukrainian forces aggression in Donbass.

As of early November 2019, the Memorial social organisation helped more than 900 people file claims against Ukraine with the ECHR and the International Criminal Court.

In November 2019, LPR and DPR residents set up a public commission for assessing the economic damage caused to the Donbass population by Ukraine.

The Package of Measures for the Implementation of the Minsk Agreements was adopted by the Contact Group on Ukraine on February 12, 2015 and supported by member states of the Normandy Four (Germany, Russia, Ukraine and France). The UN Security Council approved the document by Resolution 2202 and called upon all the sides to ensure full implementation of the Package of Measures.

The document provides for comprehensive ceasefire, withdrawal of all heavy weapons from the contact line, starting a dialog on reconstruction of social and economic ties between Kiev and Donbass. It also envisages carrying out constitutional reform in Ukraine providing for decentralization and adopting permanent legislation on a special status of certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

LuganskMediaCentre — 26 December — Lugansk