11 September 2017, 18:45

Goat frightened by a dog falls into deep well, rescued by Rovenki firefighters

LUGANSK, September 11 (Lugansk Media Center) – Rovenki firefighter team saved a female goat who fell down in a concrete well frightened by a dog, the LPR Emergencies Ministry said in a press release.

"Local resident called 101 hotline asking officers to save his goat.  A team of firefighters was dispatched to the forested area where the incident occurred."

The rescue team discovered the animal got trapped in a three-meter deep concrete well, which used to be a part of a long-dismounted water pumping building. The female goat was frightened by a passing dog, jumped on a shacky wooden frame covering the well, which crumbled.

Republican rescue teams are routinely called to save animals stuck in wells and drains.

In October, Lugansk firefighters hoisted a dog stuck in a deep heat pipeline shaft.

In September, Pervomaisk rescuers pulled a cow and a she-goat out from the cellar where they fell while being pursued by a pig much larger.

The same month Stakhanov emergency crews showed a high proficiency level in freeing a red bull-calf stuck down in a well, just a month after they had to partially dismantle a four-meter deep sewage well clutching a cow.

In July, another cow, a 230kg ungulate living with her host in Krasnyi Luch, fell down inadvertently into a waterpipe shaft and curled up in a ball of fear down there making the operation even more complicated for rescuers. It took them two hours to get a strap around the bovine and lift it out.

Still another horned in Krasnyi Luch was hoisted up to safety from a summer kitchen cellar with the help of a fire-hose and a block and tackle.

In June 2017, firefighters of Miusinsk came to rescue a cow stuck in the bottom of a muddy mine settling basin.

Later in Pervomaisk, a pregnant cow got entrapped in a shell crater filled with rain water and was saved by firefighters.

In August Lugansk rescuers saved a cow stuck in a swampy patch on the Lugan river bank.

In September  Bryanka rescue team spent 9 hours saving pregnant cow from 10-meter deep well.

LuganskMediaCentre — 11 September — Lugansk