4 February 2020, 19:15


German business interested in cooperation with Donbass - businessman

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LUGANSK, February 4 (Lugansk Media Centre) - German business is interested in developing economic cooperation with the Donbass Republics, deputy chairman of the national forum of medium businesses, member of the Friedrichshain Kreuzberg regional branch of the Alternative for Germany Party  Richard Gretzinger said at a meeting between German politicians and Lugansk People’s Republic Trade Union Federation representatives.

“Donbass has always been the core of the Ukrainian economy. Knowing it, we came here not just for giving moral support to residents of the People’s Republics, but also for gradually launching certain business relations, in order to have the opportunity for future cooperation,” Gretzinger said.  “Sanctions will end sooner or later, and we want to be ready for it.”

Donbass is of much interest to German investors; in the first place, its metallurgy and machine building.

Alternative for Germany representatives are unhappy with Berlin's policy towards Donbass, he said.

“Why didn’t anyone ever ask ‘do you, Lugansk and Donetsk residents, need help, perhaps you need financial aid to support the economy after you were bombed?’ Nobody’s asking this question. Meanwhile, the money goes anywhere; we’re uplifting Turkey’s economy and pay into Ukraine. Our Party deputies keep rebuking the German government for the wrong policy,” Gretzinger said.

“We haven’t seen the results yet; their interests are quite different. But we’re working on it. We visit you while assuming that even at a lower level, we can make some investments,” he said.


LuganskMediaCentre — 04 February — Lugansk