28 September 2020, 12:04


Fisherman injured in explosive device blast on Severskiy Donets river bank

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LUGANSK, September 28 (Lugansk Media Centre) – A Slavyanoserbsk resident was injured in an unidentified explosive device blast as he was fishing on the Severskiy Donets river bank, the LPR Ministry of Emergencies said.

The fisherman sustained left foot amputation, shrapnel wounds to right foot, blast wound, abrasions to hands.

"Despite the serious wounds he managed to loop an improvised tourniquet around his limb and call his brother who alerted the 103 emergency service. The brother located the injured man and carried him to the place where ambulace picked him up."

The fisherman is in the Lugansk Respublican Clinic.

The investigation into the circumsatnces is ongoing.

LuganskMediaCentre — 28 September — Lugansk