1 October 2019, 09:00


First general population census in the LPR history begins

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LUGANSK, October 1 (Lugansk Media Centre) – First general population census in the LPR history has begun on Tuesday.

The LPR general population census is essential for shaping the Republican budget, the State Committee for Statistics chairwoman Irina Shablienko said earlier.

The data will be used to shape budget, develop national social and economic policies, analysis of demographics, etc.

The LPR Council of Ministers has adopted a decree to form a commission for census to coordinate the listing and enumeration. Statistics will be gathered by census takers until October 14.

Any LPR resident can call a hotline to make sure that the census taker addressing him is legitimate.

The previous census took place when the Lugansk region was part of Ukraine, in 2001. The report shows that back in 2001 the population of the Lugansk region, currently partially occupied by Ukraine, amounted to 2,546,200 people.

The Lugansk People’s Republic had a population of more than 1.4 million as of March 1, the LPR State Statistical Committee said.

The Republic’s de-facto urban population reached 1,365,458 and resident population 1,359,976. De-facto rural population amounted to 89,278 and resident rural population to 89,797.

De-facto and resident population of Lugansk and its satellite settlements totaled, respectively, 432,190 and 428,490.

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