22 August 2017, 12:48


Fires destroy 100 houses, utility structures in LPR over 24 hours

LUGANSK, August 22 (Lugansk Media Center) – Fires destroyed more than 100 houses and utility structures in LPR over the past 24 hours, the Republic's Emergencies Ministry Public Awareness Centre said.

“One hundred and eighty-five fires occurred in the Republic’s territory over the past 24 hours,” the Centre said adding that 107 houses and utility structures had perished in blazes.

Fires destroyed 26 houses and 20 utility sheds In Krasnodonskiy district, seven residential houses, seven non-residential houses and 13 utility sheds in Lutuginskiy district, six residential and six non-residential houses in Krasniy Luch,  four residential and two non-residential houses in Pervomaisk, four houses and three utility structures in Briyanka, two utility sheds in Antratsitovskiy district, and one utility shed in Perevalskiy district, one in Slavyanoserbskiy district and one in Sverdlovskiy district.

“Grassfires ruined 300 square meters of roof of the functioning school in Krasnodarskiy village, Krasnodonskiy District, and damaged four square meters of roof of non-operating school in Knyaginevka township, Krasniy Luch, the Emergencies Ministry report said.

Earlier on Tuesday, LPR Emergencies Ministry Crisis Control Centre duty officer Oleg Drozdenko said forest and steppe fires in LPR destroyed more than 500 hectares of vegetation over the past 24 hours.

LPR Emergencies Ministry Hydrometeorology Centre has kept the highest fire hazard level since issuing the warning on 7 August as hot weather with strong winds set in.

Fire hazard is a an atmospheric condition characterised by high ambient temperatures, low vapour content, lack of rains and other factors leading to wild fires and grassfires in fields and parks especially due to careless handling of fire.

The weather alerts are graded into 5 danger class ratings:

1st class – Very low

2nd class – Low

3rd class - Moderate

4th class – High

5th class - Extreme

LPR Emergencies Ministry reminded that making fires in forests and steppes was prohibited during the fire hazard period. Leaving glass bottles or fragments in forest and steppe areas is also prohibited as glass can act as a magnifying lens to start a fire.

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