5 April 2019, 11:45


Finnish journalist: Western media silent on election frauds in Ukraine

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Western media keep silence on massive frauds recorded during the first round of the presidential election in Ukraine, said Janus Putkonen, a journalist and analyst from Finland.

"Over the past week, before and after the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine, not a single news has been published in the western media about massive election frauds, illegal actions, and systematic election crimes. We know that all of that has taken place, but the West doesn't.

"I have followed all English publications daily about Ukrainian elections for a month already and the western news agenda, about ”free and democratic elections in Ukraine”, has ruled publications in the West almost without exceptions. And then, over the last week of the campaign, and a day after the elections, all opposing critic, revelations and scandals – facts and realities – were ignored, silenced and totally removed from the public eye.

"There is no mention about officially registered 1,999 elections frauds, which have been filed by the Ukrainian police. No mention about 200,000 ghost voters from Donbass, who have died in the civil war, but were registered as voters in the elections, including murdered commanders, and the Head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Alexander Zakharchenko.

"Massive corruption and fraud were ruled by organizations of agents. We know, that the election is totally rigged in Ukraine and oligarch-frontrunners have used a massive amount of money, resources and manpower to the elections frauds: carousel voting, profit scheme, ghost voters, buckwheat and electoral grid – all of these systematic frauds were done, and we know it, but unfortunately the western people do not know.

"The West didn't allow speaking anything about accredited Ukrainian Ultra-Nationalist militants, Azov Nazi's, observing the elections days before, during, and after the election day. Just nothing was told. Also, Petro Poroshenko ordered special military units to the polling stations, and he did that without any mention about armed interference in the elections in the West. Do armed ultranationalists and other military units belong to "free elections?"

"The border control stations were closed from Donetsk People's Republic to Ukraine on the election day, so, that ”unwanted eastern Ukrainians” couldn't cast their vote in the elections. But that was not news either.

"And how about those tens of millions of Ukrainians who were not allowed to vote at all? No, it was not an issue for western politicians, institutions and media. Yes, there was news, that "over 10 million registered Ukrainians didn't use their right to vote", but no mention what so ever, that another 10 million Ukrainians were absolutely not allowed to participate in the elections! The real number is over 20 million Ukrainians!

"Hardly any mention came out in the western media, that according to the US-made poll, which was published just a week before the elections, only 12 % of Ukrainians have confidence in the honesty of the elections. But yes, the EU was hurried to declare, that ”elections were held according to democratic principles and in compliance with international standards and procedures”. Hey, really?

"Also, the OSCE and PACE, other western globalist-ruled organizations joined the choir, trying to convince the public, that ”Ukraine is a democratic country, and just how wonderful everything is”. Even the OSCE, which couldn't register a single election observer from Russia, what is totally against the basic principle of election observation of OSCE. But who wants any critics, anyway?

"So, the second round of the farce elections will follow in a few weeks. But did Poroshenko really won Timoshenko by actual votes, and what if those +10 million Ukrainian Russians would have their right to vote? Without massive election frauds, it is clear that we would have a different result today. I am sure, that pro-Russian presidential candidate Yuri Boyko would compete in the second round, or he would win presidential elections already.

"But the truth and justice is not an issue for the West, its geopolitical curators and mainstream media. So, the puppet of the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky the actor Volodymyr Zelensky, and oligarch-in-office Petro Poroshenko, will continue the western-backed presidential show, which is the Fake Election in Ukraine in reality."

LuganskMediaCentre — 05 April — Lugansk