25 April 2017, 13:04



Energy workers restore power to nearly all LPR territory - Ministry

LPR energy workers restored electricity to nearly all the Republic’s territory after Kiev halted power supply, LPR Fuel, Energy and Coal Industry Ministry spokesman Roman Kamyshov told Lugansk Media Centre on Tuesday.

Ukraine stopped power supply to LPR between Monday 24 April and Tuesday 25 April “Despite the expected blackout by Ukraine, the Republic smoothly switched over to its own power consumption mode,” Kamyshov said. “There have been no accidents or emergencies; all companies are continuing operation.”

He noted that the negative consequences related to re-connecting the power grid, such as water supply disruption, would be eliminated by the evening.

“It took energy workers ten minutes to restore power to the key consumers,” the spokesman said. “Launching the auxiliary and secondary ones took from one to two hours; almost all the Republic now has power supply,” he said.

Earlier, LPR Head Igor Plotnitskiy said LPR would not halt power supply to Kiev-controlled Lugansk Region areas, even if the Ukrainian authorities stop power feed to the Republic from the Schastye thermal power plant or other providers in Kiev-controlled territory. 

LPR Council of Ministers chairman Sergey Kozlov earlier said specialists had promised to restore power to all the Republic’s territory within four hours in case Kiev cut power supply to LPR.

LuganskMediaCentre — 25 April — Lugansk