4 December 2020, 06:00


EDITORIAL: Lugansk Media Center celebrates its sixth anniversary

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Today, December 4, Lugansk Media Center, the major LPR news agency, celebrates its sixth anniversary.

Six years ago on this day, the LPR Head signed a Decree on establishment of the news agency providing it with a status of the Official Republican Media Outlet, after the news outlet was test launched on November 16, 2014.

"It is established to publish reliable information on the events across the LPR, to inform public of government's and law makers' activity, to publish laws and regulations," the degree reads.

Lugansk Media Center reporters have since been on the front edge of the information war, covering a widest range of topics, from military action to restoration of peaceful life, cultural events and efforts to rebuild the state's economy, legislative initiatives, everyday work in all the spheres of life, focusing on exclusive reports and stories.

Immediately after the agency was launched, it was making the best of its very limited resources, providing the world's leading news outlets with first-hand information from the war-torn region. The agency's publications and visual content have become the manifestation of Donbass fight for freedom and insurmountable resistance to occupation.

Ukrainian media regularly cites Lugansk Media Center publications, sometimes trying to re-arrange the information to tarnish the Republic's image, though the website has been banned as "separatist media" in Ukraine. This fact the agency considers to be the recognition of its efforts and achievements.

Lugansk Media Center website has suffered several hacker attacks, though all of them failed to deprive LPR residents of up-to-date information.

The agency's core audience is middle-aged or older, making 75 pc of the total regular visitors. The majority of readers are LPR-based or living on Kiev-controlled Lugansk region (76.1 pc), followed by Ukrainians and Russians (5.7 and 14.1 pc).

Lugansk Media Center is a popular source of information in Sweden, Germany, the US, Poland, Great Britain and Israel.

The total audience comprises nationals of 135 countries all over the world.

As of today, Lugansk Media Center has published more than 62 thousand news items, interviews, stories and documents.

The staff interviewers have spoken to representatives of Donbass authorities, Russian and Ukrainian officials, and visitors from various countries.

The agency's press center has housed over 3,300 briefings, press conferences and round tables.

After the website of the agency was launched, 1,600 unique users visited it daily. In half a year the figure grew to 42,000 per day. After a year of work, the website gained 65,000 daily visitors.

On the day of its second anniversary the statistics showed 9.75 million total visits, 34.5 million views; 65-68 thousand daily visitors.

Today the website statistics display 104 million views, with 47.1 thousand daily views. An average reader spends four minutes at the website reading at least three articles.

The launch of English-language website in September 2016 has boosted the agency's global audience significantly. It covers highlights of the day and news for non-Russian speaking readers, contributing to the fight against Kiev-imposed physical and informational blockade of the Lugansk People's Republic.

As of today, more than 4.1 thousand English news items have been published at our website.

We are strongly convinced that the tissue of lies might be destroyed only by unbiased reporting and distributing objective information to the members of the international community.

LuganskMediaCentre — 04 December — Lugansk