22 November 2019, 16:29


Donbass residents hope that ECHR supports justice

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LUGANSK, November 22 (Lugansk Media Centre) – Donbass residents hope that the ECHR shall support justice, a People's Council member Anna Mosina said.

Earlier a group of a Pervomaisk house residents brought cases against Ukraine at the European Court of Human Rights.

"A lot of Donbass people lost their lives defending their interests, a lot of people faced hardship and lost houses," Mosina said.

"I support the 12 people who live in Kharkovskaya street in Pervomaisk who filed cases with the ECHR to receive compensations for ruined houses, material costs and moral damage, after they waited in vain for a reaction to crimes committed by Ukraine against them, after what Ukrainian military did to Donbass.

"I cannot recall a single compensation paid by Ukraine. That's why the cases are justified."

"Unfortunately, such cases are not settled fast. Sometimes litigations might last up to five years. Still, it is less and less probable that Ukraine pays compensations and there is hope that the ECHR backs down from double standards and supports true justice," she said.

"Moreover, political climate is changing in today's Europe, right-wing forces are gaining weight and there is hope that even with LPR documents the applications are accepted. Together we make Ukraine pay for what it did."

LuganskMediaCentre — 22 November — Lugansk