20 March 2017, 19:03


Donbass and Crimea to launch joint enterprise to facilitate business in unrecognized regions

Donbass and Crimea are to establish a joint enterprise to facilitate business communications under unrecognition conditions, said Ruslan Sorokovenko, the minister of Agriculture and Food.  

He reminded that Crimea companies operate under western sanctions.

"The issue was discussed in Crimes, and we are finalizing the project, we are establishing enterprise Economic Union Crimea-Donbass."

"The enterprise will deal with organization of businesses cooperation, whose owners are afraid of sanctions."

The participants of the constituent meeting in Livadia Palace, Crimea, unanimously supported the establishing of International Committee Russia-Donbass on March 15.

The committee is established as a permanent structure aiming at boosting humanitarian, social, cultural integration of Donbass and Russia.

LuganskMediaCentre — 20 March — Lugansk