7 October 2019, 12:17


Direct dialog is essential for Minsk Agreements implementation - Chesnakov

Russian political scientist and director of the Center for Current Politics Alexey Chesnakov told Russian news agency TASS that he does not share the euphoria over the signing of the Steinmeier formula.

"I do not share the euphoria following the Steinmeier formula signing. This is a positive signal in the right direction. But there are no grounds for enthusiasm", he said explaining that the signing was due to Russia's success in negotiations, but only one of Ukraine's responsibilities.

"The formula puts forward the procedure to enact the Donbass special status law. The question remains, what exactly the law shall be like. Moreover, the law is a framework, hence the need for other laws to define the special status," Chesnakov said.

"For example, the issue of People's Militia. Current law on the status does mention it but not the way it functions. What its relations with Ukrainian law enforcement be?" he said.

All other aspects envisaged by the Minsk agreements need to be clarified and cemented in Ukrainian legislation and Constitution, according to Chesnakov.

"What we see today is that Ukrainian authorities do not fully realize the depth of the issues they face.

When asked what is essential today, he said that it is "the dialog between Kiev and Donbass. It is not a whim. The Minsk Agreements clearly stipulate that all the aspects must be coordinated with the Donbass representatives."

LuganskMediaCentre — 07 October — Lugansk