8 October 2018, 15:23



Despite surge in grain prices, Lugansk-Niva keeps cost of social bread intact

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LUGANSK, October 5 (Lugansk Media Centre) – A public joint-stock company Lugansk-Niva is not going to raise prices for social bread Stanichnyi and Luganskiy despite purchase prices for grains surge, said the chairwoman of the Lugansk Economic Union social organization, chairwoman of the Lugansk-Niva board Zinaida Naden.

She said crop yields dropped this year, but the grain quality was high due to favorable weather conditions, and the most part of the crops was constituted by food-level grain.

The market conditions, Naden said, made famers raise grain prices for customers to be able to maintain and purchase new equipment.  

"Up to 87 percent of our products cost, flour in particular, is the cost of raw materials. Nevertheless we decided to keep prices for social bread Stanichnyi and Luganskiy intact until the next crops arrive."

LuganskMediaCentre — 08 October — Lugansk