10 September 2020, 17:33


Deputy’s statement on Donbass children shows Zelensky party’s attitude to them - activist

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LUGANSK, September 10 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Member of the Ukrainian president’s party “Servant of the People” Galina Yanchenko’s statement about “unwashed and uncombed” Donbass children showed Ukrainian authorities’ true attitude to them, Lugansk People’s Republic Public Chamber activist Alesia Kharinova said.
“Yesterday, a “servant of the people” told Newsone Channel that Donbass children were “unwashed and uncombed.” Deputy Galina Yanchenko voiced her true thoughts and feelings, and I think that many hold the same opinion in the party (of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky),” Kharinova said.
She reminded that later on, Yanchenko apologized and explained that she had not meant it to be an insulting remark about the children who “over six years of war knew nothing but life in constant danger.”
“Yet I want to note that the very same danger to our children had been created by Ukrainian rulers, who launched the economic blockade and stopped water supply to residents of the Republics,” the LPR Public Chamber member said.
Such words spoken by Ukrainian presidential party representatives prove to all Donbass residents that “we made the right choice to live in a separate state!,” she said.
“Their remarks and ideology are alien to us, while our children born under shelling, who experienced the horrors of the war and the cruelty of the Ukrainian army, went to school well-groomed today,” the activist said.


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