28 January 2019, 21:50


Deinego: Sajdik's comments on EU-UN mission "irresponsible, prejudiced in Kiev's favor"

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LUGANSK, January 28 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The new Donbass peace settlement plan by the OSCE special representative in the Contact Group Martin Sajdik is prejudiced in favor of Kiev, said LPR Foreign Minister representing the Republic at Minsk talks Vladislav Deinego.

Sajdik has presented the details of his new peace plan to an Austrian newspaper Kleine Zeitung. He said that the new document was introduced during the latest meeting of the OSCE Ministerial Council in Milan in December. The document envisages a joint UN and OSCE mission comprising military and police components and international administration in Donbass. It also suggests an EU-led reconstruction agency should operate in Donbass.

"Such propositions do not contribute to stabilization, but rather impede the peace talks. By doing this, a high-rank OSCE official is unwillingly playing in favor of Kiev's "war party" and reduces the efficiency of the credible international organization's efforts," Deinego said.

"Sajdik's words testify to his irresponsible attitude to his role of the coordinator of the Minsk Contact Group. His task is to create a favorable environment for a meaningful dialog between the sides of the Donbass conflict."

Deinego reminded that the Minsk Agreements are the sole instrument for the conflict resolution.

LuganskMediaCentre — 28 January — Lugansk