8 May 2018, 17:18


Czech cultural center opens at Lugansk National University

LUGANSK, May 8 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The Czech cultural center named after Julius Fucik has opened under the aegis of Lugansk’s Dal National University, the LNU press service reported.

The initiative to establish the Centre was brought forward by the LNU Department of Political Science and International Relations of the Institute of Philosophy and Socio-Political Sciences and chairman of the Czech social organization The Society of Friends of the LPR and the DPR Jaromir Vasek.

The opening ceremony was attended by deputy head of the LPR head’s administration Sergey Goncharov, First Deputy Education and Science Minister Nikolay Klipakov, First Deputy Telecom and Mass Communications Minister Yuriy Pershikov, chairman of the Republican Committee of Teachers and Scientists’ trade union Oleg Koval and representatives of Russia, Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Israel, Serbia, Italy, Spain, Poland and Finland.

“The launching of the Czech cultural center is a landmark because it can become a venue for meetings and conferences of public activists of both countries,” Goncharov said. “We’ll learn more about the culture of our peoples and exchange our experience. The guests will learn more authentic information about Donbass events and our struggle for liberty.”

Vasek thanked the Dal University administration for assistance in opening the Czech Centre.

“I’m an activist and an independent journalist trying to tell the Czech people the truth about you, your life and what you feel, although it’s very difficult, because the official Czech media don’t want to talk about it,” he said.

Klipakov noted that such centers contributed to the strengthening of relations between countries.  “We’ll evolve and be friends despite their prohibitions. We thank you for your courage to come here today, be our friends and open your heart,” the first deputy education minister said.

“We are happy to see representatives of both the Czech Republic and other countries. The opening of the Czech Centre is a holiday for it,” acting LNU rector Viktor Ryabichev said. “Indeed, we are proud of our achievements we have our history and culture and we’re going through a difficult time, and we have to talk about is so that they understand and know it out there.”

Novorossiya Military Music Band singer Roman Razum, the Akvamarin Classic Variety Show Ensemble and Dal University groups performed at the opening ceremony.

In December 2016, the LNU unveiled the Italian Language, Culture and History Centre.

Julius Fucik is a Czech journalist, literary and theatre critic, publicist and Czech Communist Party activist. He was a Resistance Movement member during World War II. During the German occupation of Czechoslovakia, he published a series of patriotic articles and essays under a pen name. After his arrest by German secret police, he wrote his best-known book Notes From The Gallows in a Prague prison. He was executed by the Nazis in September 1943.

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