15 February 2019, 17:24



Contact Group in talks over new water payment mechanism between LPR and Ukraine - Deinego

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LUGANSK, February 15 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The members of the Contact Group are developing an alternative plan to facilitate LPR payments for water supplied from Ukraine, said LPR Foreign Minister representing the Republic at Minsk talks Vladislav Deinego.

"We have managed to achieve systematization of the communication on water supply to our territory, it is currently supplied, we have defined mutual obligations, we are paying Ukraine for the water."

Still, new cashless mechanism of payments is being discussed.

The mechanism proposed by the ICRC was approved by all sides at the meeting in Minsk on February 13.

"There is a chance we can implement cashless method. It shall alleviate tensions, improve the environment of the issue," Deinego said.

Kiev supplies water to LPR territory via two main sources -West water treatment plant ZFS (Popasnyanskiy Water Duct, Lisichansk area) and Petrovskiy duct (Stanitsa Luganskaya area). In case ZFS is shut off or significantly reduces the feed, Stakhanov, Kirovsk, Bryanka, Pervomaisk, Krasniy Luch, Antratsit and Alchevsk face a dramatic depletion of water supply. Lugansk and its Kamennobrodskiy district in particular mostly depend on Petrovskiy water pipe.

Currently the Republic meets its water demand by 84 percent, Ukraine supplies 15 percent of water. LPR local sources provide 280 thousand of cubic meters of water daily, Ukrainian sources supply approximately 50 thousand of cubic meters. During the pre-war period the region used 400 thousand of cubic meters of water per day.

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