27 May 2019, 09:47



Chesnakov: Zelensky is not going to fulfill Minsk Agreements

LUGANSK, May 27 (Lugansk Media Centre) – There is not a chance that Ukrainian new president Vladimir Zelensky shall fulfill the Minsk Agreements, Alexey Chesnakov, political scientist and director of the Center for Current Politics, told Russian "Komsomolskaya Pravda" newspaper.

"He (Zelensky) said that Donbass is not going to receive a special status. This is a direct and blunt refusal to fulfill the main requirement of the Minsk Agreements. … He said he was not going to sign the law on amnesty, which is a major article of the Package of Measures. Zelensky said he is not going to engage in negotiations with DPR and LPR representatives. … He made it clear that he has no plans to revoke a discriminatory law on language which is at odds with the right of Donbass people to use Russian both as a household and as an official language, stipulated in the Minsk Agreements."

Chesnakov said that the abovementioned moves indicate that Zelensky is not going to deliver on his election campaign promises, following Poroshenko's suit.

LuganskMediaCentre — 27 May — Lugansk