27 November 2018, 15:08


Charity approves over 5,000 aid requests from Lugansk region residents since January

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LUGANSK, November 27 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The Miloserdiye (Compassion) charity organisation has approved more than 5,000 requests for financial assistance from residents of the Lugansk People’s Republic and Kiev-controlled areas of the Lugansk region since the beginning of this year, Miloserdiye chairman Yuriy Yurov told the Lugansk Media Centre.

Earlier, Yurov said that the charity Commission’s work in 2018 had been finished and that it had approved 4,808 requests for help overall.

“A decision was made to hold two more sessions by yearend; one of them took place today,” he said. “The Commission approved 202 requests for help from residents of the LPR and Kiev-held areas at today’s meeting. It has granted a total of 5,010 such requests since the beginning of this year.”

The next meeting is due to take place next week.

In the second half of 2017, Miloserdiye approved and funded 1,055 financial aid requests from Lugansk region residents.

More residents of Kiev-held areas have been seeking help from Miloserdiye despite various impediments created by Ukrainian authorities, Yurov said.

Miloserdiye was set up under the aegis of the Donbass people reunification humanitarian programme. It provides financial aid to Lugansk Region residents in difficult circumstances, including residents of Kiev-held areas. Priority is given to the applicants needing money for treating serious diseases.

On February 17, 2017 DPR and LPR Heads Alexander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitskiy launched the program of humanitarian assistance for residents of Kiev-occupied part of Donbass. The main goal of the programme is to support socially vulnerable groups. It envisions financial and medical aid and education services.

The LPR Telecom and Mass Communications Ministry launched the humanitarian programme website.

LuganskMediaCentre — 27 November — Lugansk