11 October 2018, 19:51


Candidate Rusnak running for LPR Head meets with Perevalsk voters

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LUGANSK, October 11 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Lyudmila Rusnak, who is running for Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic met with Perevalsk voters on Thursday.

In the course of the meeting at the Peveralsk Repair Mechanical Plant (PRMZ), Rusnak gave an overview of her election programme and the key guidelines focused on reviving the industry, attracting investments, raising wages and providing housing to young specialists.

Company staff told her about their problems, such as a lack of skilled specialists, water shortages and poor transport links with remote settlements. The candidate thanked the participants for their proactive attitude and promised to make all efforts towards resolving the existing problems.

After the visit to the (PRMZ), Rusnak met with Veteran Choir members who told her about the challenges their town was facing including road repairs and resumption of local coal production. She joined the Choir to perform  “Sleeping Dark Hills,” a popular song written before World War II.

On September 7, LPR lawmakers passed the resolution setting November 11, 2018 as the date for parliamentary and Head elections. On September 6,  acting LPR Head Leonid Pasechnik signed the parliament-approved bills amending the LPR Provisional Basic Law (Constitution) and certain election law which extended the term of office for the Head of the Republic and parliamentarians from four to five years starting from the next election.

After verification of the documents and support lists, the CEC registered four candidates for the country’s top post, as well as the parliament candidate lists of the social movements Mir Luganschine and Lugansk Economic Union (LES).

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