4 January 2018, 12:57


Book on Donbass war presented in Prague by Slovak authors

LUGANSK, January 4 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Slovak authors, supported by a Czech parliament lawmaker, presented in Prague “War in Maidan Shadow - the Truth about Ukrainian Conflict,” a book on the causes and tragedy of the civil war in Donbass, Society of LPR and DPR Friends public organisation chairman, journalist Jaromir Vasek told Lugansk Media Centre.

The presentation of the book, co-authored by Ludovit Stevko, Marek Maguta and Vladimir Mogorita, was arranged by Czech parliament deputy Jaroslav Foldyna, a Czech Social Democratic Party activist,” Vasek said.

“The reader will see the true face of Ukrainian politicians and the circumstances behind the notorious anti-Russian massacre in Odessa and realise the enormous extend of the U.S. administration’s interference in Ukrainian affairs long before the crisis.

A spicy bit for Slovak readership is that some former Slovak politicians are associated with the Ukrainian regime. The Ukrainian prime minister’s aide is Finance Minister Ivan Miklos, while President Mikulas Dzurinda’s aide is advisor to President (Petr) Poroshenko,” Czech journalist Monika Gorjeni said at the book presentation in late December.

The authors believe that western business elites are implementing a breakup scenario in Ukraine similar to what they did to former Yugoslavia.

The book’s message is that “As they broke up Yugoslavia, so they broke up Ukraine.”

Earlier, Society of LPR and DPR Friends activists came up with a petition demanding that the Czech government stop cooperation with Kiev.

The Society’s activists arranged Donbass war photo exhibitions in a number of Czech towns.

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