30 May 2017, 19:31


Austria’s young activists to visit LPR

Austrian youth organisations activists plan to visit the Lugansk People’s Republic, LPR Innovatsia Trade Union chairman Andrey Kochetov told Lugansk Media Centre.

Kochetov said he had had several meetings with foreign colleagues during his recent visit to Austria.

“Two interesting meetings were solidarity events held by the Austrian-Cuban and Austrian-Belarus Friendship Societies,” he said.

“Youth teams were very vigorous; the oldest member was about 35. I told them that LPR young people had a trade union. They showed a keen interest and said they wished to visit the republic to meet our youth representatives; we exchanged our contacts,” Kochetov said.

 “I will pass them to chairman of the LPR Trade Union Federation Youth Council chairman Alexander Ermolenko. Let them communicate, it’s great if they can have direct contacts,” he added. 

The objectives of LPR representatives’ trips to foreign countries have somewhat changed over time.

“Whereas earlier we informed our foreign colleagues what was happening in the republic, we now try to invite more people to LPR to let them see everything with their own eyes,” he said.   

Previously, Kochetov said legislator Werner Murgg from Styria, a state located in the southeast of Austria, intended to visit LPR.

In May, charity concerts participants in the Austrian capital raised more than 30,000 euros for Lugansk children and medical centres.

LuganskMediaCentre — 30 May — Lugansk