24 August 2017, 15:17


All Lugansk first-year pupils get school uniforms - City Administration

LUGANSK, August 24 (Lugansk Media Center) – School uniforms have been handed out to all first-year pupils in Lugansk, Education Department Director Valentina Kiyashko told a news briefing at the city administration.

“The department distributed 100 percent of school uniform sets among the first-years’ parents on 16-18 August,” Kiyashko said.

“Seventy-two sets were returned to Bryanka for exchange in size; these uniforms will be handed out shortly,” she added.

On September 1 which marks the first school day and the first bell, all Lugansk first year pupils will receive diaries as a present from LPR head Igor Plotnitskiy.

“The supply of school diaries met 100 percent of the demand. On 17 August they were distributed among schools and on 1 September, school staff will hand them out to pupils.,” the official said. 

Earlier, Kiyashko said that some 2,600 first-year pupils in Lugansk would receive school uniforms for free.

Yana Boiko, chief specialist of Light Industry Department at LPR Industry and Trade Ministry said that the Republic’s clothes manufacturers had produced nearly 10,000 school uniforms by 10 August. The government procurements helped those companies keep afloat. Lugansk comprehensive school No 20 was the first to receive free school uniforms for first-years.

LPR head Igor Plotnitskiy earlier ordered to provide school uniforms to the first-year pupils in the Republic for free at LPR budget’s expense.

LuganskMediaCentre — 24 August — Lugansk