16 June 2018, 16:18


Alchevsk Steel Plant resumes full cycle thanks to newly restored power bridge

LUGANSK, June 16 (Lugansk Media Centre) – The Alchevsk Steel Plant has restored its complete production cycle after the LPR launched the power bridge, said the enterprise's acting chief engineer Maxim Mokritskiy during the chairman of the Council of Ministers Sergey Kozlov visit to the plant.

The LPR has reconstructed high-voltage power lines, enabling the Alchevsk Steel Plant to boost production and the re-launch of the Stakhanov Ferrous Alloy Plant. As part of the LPR Program-2023 engineers have restored a power bridge comprising a 500 kV and a 200 kV lines. Both lines incurred damage in 2014 during active military action in the region.

"We are able to say now that the additional energy received in May will allow to launch the full cycle of production, as it used to be: production of pig-iron, steel <…> the additional power enabled (us to launch) rolling and (to receive) the products of the steelworks, which is the most important goal of a steel plant," Mokritskiy said.

He said that the main and reserve power lines of the power bridge operate as normal.

Currently the plant produces almost the entire range of its products and delivers steel slab in high demand.

"Production volumes as of today are as follows: 70 thousand metal sheets, 70 thousand  slabs, 50 thousand long steel products," Mokritskiy said announcing plans for production growth.

LuganskMediaCentre — 16 June — Lugansk