13 February 2020, 15:38


Alchevsk rescuers pull stray dog out of manhole, feed it

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LUGANSK, February 13 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Alchevsk rescuers pulled a stray dog out of a heat line manhole and fed it, the Lugansk People’s Republic Emergencies Ministry press service said.

“The animal fell into a manhole in Dunauivaroskaya Street. Several people heard it whimpering and called 101,” the press service said.

The duty officers of Firefighting and Rescue Department No 18 arrived at the scene to find a yelping mongrel trapped at a depth of some 2.5 metres. It is unknown how long it had been there.

 “Special equipment was used to pull out the dog. It was fed and set free,” the Emergency Ministry said.

The dog had not been hurt in the fall, it added.

LPR rescuers had repeatedly helped animals before.

In Krasniy Luch, rescuers pulled a stray dog out of a drainage pit.

Bryanka rescuers released a dog trapped between two high-rise apartment buildings.

In Slavyanoserbsk, rescuers pulled a stray dog out of a well in ten minutes.

In Rovenki, a dog was rescued from a well after being trapped there for a day.

Stakhanov rescuers lifted a cow from a utility shed cellar in the Almaznaya settlement several days after it had accidentally fallen there.

Rovenki rescuers hoisted an 80-kilograme Vietnamese pig from a waste water pit in ten minutes.

Lugansk rescuers lifted a 300-kilogramme cow from a well 18 hours after it had fallen down.

In Lugansk, rescuers used a bone donated by kind-hearted local residents, to lure a dog out of an abandoned pipe manifold.

Lugansk emergency service personnel climbed down a well to rescue a goat which had fallen there as it was startled by a drunken passer-by.

Lutugino rescuers pulled a puppy out of an abandoned well. Also, they pulled a dog out of a ten-metre deep well, after it had been trapped there for about 12 hours.

Antratsit rescuers pulled out a goat from a coverless sewer.

In early July 2019, Krasny Luch rescuers lifted a calf from an abandoned three-metre deep well.

In May, Krasny Luch emergency service personnel rescued a calf which had accidentally fallen into an abandoned ten-metre deep well

In March 2019, Pervomaisk rescuers spent four hours to pull from a cellar a cow that had wandered into a summer kitchen.

In May 2018, rescuers of the Uspenka township, Lutugino district, lifted a 500-kilogramme cow from an abandoned 5-metre deep well.

In a three-hour operation in April, rescuers in Antratsit saved a 400-kilogramme cow which had fallen into a well. 

In September 2017, Rovenki rescuers pulled out a goat from a three-metre deep concrete pit. It fell there as it was chased by a dog. In the village of Yelino, a cow heavy with a calf was pulled out of a 10-metre deep well in a nine-hour rescue effort.

LuganskMediaCentre — 13 February — Lugansk