29 December 2020, 20:32


Alchevsk repair teams restore heat supply to 88 houses

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LUGANSK, December 29 (Lugansk Media Centre) - The AlchevskTeplo company affiliated with the Luganskgaz state-owned enterprise has resumed heat supply to 88 houses, the Luganskgaz press service reported.

Two pipe failures in the morning of December 27 left without heat 386 houses and a number of social and cultural facilities. The crisis headquarters included officials from the town administration, the Emergencies Ministry, the Fuel and Energy Ministry, the Housing and Public Utilities Ministry, the Luganskgaz state-owned enterprises, the RSK state unitary enterprise and LPR deputy prime minister Yelena Kostenko.

“As of 2 p.m., December 29, the company had resumed heat supply to 88 houses and several social infrastructure facilities,” the press service said. “Heat supply was restored to kindergartens No 32 and No 12, secondary school No 1 and former school No 5 (which currently accommodates the office of Technical Inventory Bureau).”

Earlier, the Alchevsk administration said that heat carrier had been pumped into the pipes following completion of the welding works. The Luganskgaz state company press service said that AlchevskTeplo had resumed heat supply to two local social infrastructure facilities.

The situation grimly remained another major heating disruption that Alchevsk suffered back in winter 2006. Some of the pipes used to pump hot water from a central power plant froze and fractured, cutting off almost 700 houses of 836 existing in the city at the time.

By February 10, 2006 a third of the houses remained unheated. Russia sent a large-scale humanitarian aid to the region.

Military tents were set up where residents could go to warm up and drink hot tea. About 11,000 of the city's children were evacuated to other cities.


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