9 May 2017, 09:15



72nd WWII Victory Day anniversary parade takes place in Lugansk (PHOTOS)

A military parade marking the 72nd anniversary of Victory Day took place on Teatralnaya Square in central Lugansk.

About 1,200 LPR militiamen, personnel of law enforcement agencies and the Emergencies Ministry as well as cadets were participating.

Some 100 units were displayed including tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, multiple launch rocket systems, self-propelled and towed howitzers and air defense missile systems Strela-10.

Commander of LPR People’s Militia unit Colonel Yan Leshchenko was in command of the parade; LPR head Igor Plotnitskiy inspected the parade.

After the parade, peace marchers walked across the square together with “Immortal Regiment” column participants carrying the photos of their relatives who defended the Motherland during the World War II and in the course of Kiev’s offensive against Donbass.

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