24 August 2017, 10:32


68th Russian humanitarian aid convoy unloading in Lugansk (PHOTOS)

LUGANSK, August 24 (Lugansk Media Center) – The 68th humanitarian aid convoy of the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry (EMERCOM) arrived in Lugansk on Thursday; unloading is underway at city warehouses.

Twenty-three EMERCOM trucks delivered 444.5 tons of cargoes to the Republic, including 134.4 tons of baby formula, one ton of medications, 12 tons of medical supplies and 297 tons of textbooks, LPR Emergencies Ministry Crisis Control Centre director Yevgeniy Katsavalov said.

On 27 July, 15 EMERGCOM trucks delivered to LPR some 196 tons of cargoes, including baby food, medications and books.

The first Russian humanitarian aid convoy arrived in LPR on 22 August 2014. Russia has delivered more than 69,500 tons of relief supplies to LPR and DPR residents since.

LuganskMediaCentre — 24 August — Lugansk