14 April 2020, 18:32


4,000 residents under COVID-19 surveillance - LPR Healthcare Ministry

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LUGANSK, April 14 (Lugansk Media Centre) - More than 4,000 Lugansk People’s Republic residents are currently under medical supervision to prevent the spreading of novel coronavirus, LPR Healthcare Minister Natalia Paschenko said at a meeting with the Republic’s leader Leonid Pasechnik.

LPR medics have diagnosed 16 COVID-cases; one patient has recovered and left hospital, Paschenko said.

“We’ve been checking their contacts today; they might test positive within the next few days,” she said adding that the confirmed patients were  “medium severity” or “mild” cases.  

“As of today, more than 4,000 are under COVID-19 surveillance, 3,861 are in self isolation, some 100 are in hospitals and 56 are in isolation wards with respiratory viral infection,” the minister said.

The World Health Organisation called the COVID-19 coronavirus infection a pandemic. The first coronavirus infection cases were recorded in China in late 2019.  As of now, the number of coronavirus contacts has exceeded 1.8 million; of those, over 85,500 died. Coronavirus cases were reported in Ukraine and Russia. The LPR has confirmed 16 COVID-19 cases.

Earlier, the Republic’s Emergency Sanitary and Anti-Epidemic Commission shut down public catering facilities, ordered education institutions to switch on online courses starting March 30, cancelled public transportation incentives and suspended trade in non-food products.

To prevent the spreading of the coronavirus infection (COVID-19) and pursuant to the LPR Head’s decree on high alert and the degree on certain issues pertaining to the high alert mode, government bodies and officials suspended face to face meetings with residents or launched interaction using electronic queues. The LPR parliament toughened the penalty for violating sanitary and epidemiological norms.

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