9 April 2019, 14:28


15 hectares of dry grass burn in LPR over 24 hours - Emergencies Ministry

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LUGANSK, April 9 (Lugansk Media Centre) - Nearly 15 hectares of deadwood, bushes, rush and forest strips burnt in Lugansk People’s Republic fires over the past 24 hours, the LPR Emergencies Ministry reported.

 “On April 8, 22 fires were recorded; dry grass, bushes, rush, forest strips and garbage caught fire 18 times. The size of the affected area is 14.8 hectares,” the report said.

In Lugansk, five fires were recorded on a total area of three hectares. Fires were also recorded in Alchevsk, Bryanka, Pervomaisk, Krasniy Luch, Stakhanov and the Antratsitovskiy, Sverdlovskiy, Krasnodonskiy, Lutuginskiy and Perevalskiy districts.

The LPR Emergencies Ministry reminded that fires were largely caused by human factors such as careless handling of fire in open spaces and agricultural burning.

To avoid grass fires  it is prohibited in forests and steppes to

- use naked flame and drop cigarette ends or matches onto dry grass

- leave the materials greased with oil or soaked in petrol or other flammable substances

- leave bottles or pieces of glass on sunlit forest glades, as they can magnify sunrays and start a fire

- burn grass in the fields, wasteland or pastures

- make fires in young coniferous forests, on patches of dry grass or under trees.

If you were unable to avoid the fire and unsuccessfully tried to put it, move away from it in order not to get into trouble. Find the opportunity to call 101 to report the incident, the Emergencies Ministry said.

Last week, LPR firefighters extinguished 79 fires across the Republic.

LuganskMediaCentre — 09 April — Lugansk