4 October 2016, 21:46


100,000 LPR people to have free flu shots thanks to Russian humanitarian aide

A free of charge flu vaccine campaign covering 100,000 people has started in LPR thanks to vaccines delivered with a Russian humanitarian convoy, announced the Republic's acting Minister of Health Igor Solyanik.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry humanitarian convoy of 32 trucks delivered to LPR on August, 25th, 370 tons of cargo including 117 tons of medicine.

"Free vaccination for 100,000 people is foreseen. Last year about 82,000 people were immunized", he said.

The acting health minister added that children, those above 60 and people with some chronic diseases are to receive a flu vaccine in the first place in the course of the campaign to last from October, 1st till December, 10th.

"Vaccines have already been handed out to hospitals, immunization campaign has started. Medical staff in the towns were instructed. Back-up electric generators were sent to the hospital to hold the vaccines at the storage temperature in case of power failure," he said.

Medic mobile teams were formed to reach every remote place in the Republic.

Everyone can also go to a clinic in his or her neighborhood to get a flu shot.

The first Russian Emergencies Ministry humanitarian convoy reached LPR on August, 22nd, 2014. From that day the Russian convoys has delivered to the Donbass Republics more than 64,000 tons of goods.

LuganskMediaCentre — 04 October — Lugansk